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Zero Pain Clinic

Dr. Dorit Sar-Shalom

Dr. Dorit is a chiropractor and physical therapist based in Dallas who helps people live peaceful and pain-free lives using chiropractic and physical rehabilitation.

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A clay-like version of a laptop with Zero Pain Clinic's website saying "Life a peaceful and pain-free life with chiropractic care"

What I Helped Her With

  • Website Design & Development
  • Brand Interview & Content Strategy
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Stock Photo Curation
  • Photo Editing

Zero Pain Clinic

Physical Rehabilitation, Chiropractic Care, and Acupuncture

Dr. Dorit is a chiropractor and physical therapist based in Dallas, TX.
She helps people live peaceful and pain-free lives using non-invasive modalities, like chiropractic, physical therapy, and exercise. Dr. Dorit believes that her patients can have a long-lasting recovery and improve their lives beyond their injuries by educating and creating individualized programs for her patients.

The Goal

Dr. Dorit has been running Zero Pain Clinic for 20 years but never really put her website as a priority in her business since most of her patients came from attorney and doctor referrals.

She was ready to have a website that truly represented her brand.

She needed her website to show and explain all the services that she provides so that visitors can better understand how they benefit from working with Zero Pain Clinic.

She wanted her new website to attract more patients.

The Before

Dr. Dorit came to me with a generic website made with a non-customized template. It felt like her logo and contact info was placed onto a template and left as is — the colors are different from Zero Pain Clinic's brand color and the photos used are basic stock photos, making the entire site feel impersonal.

Only Uses Stock Images & Generic Copy

They use generic stock images without adding a personal touch. The few photos they have are buried deep in the website. The copy and services information is repurposed from other chiropractic websites that the agency has created.

No Implemented Strategy or Effective Social Proof

All CTAs don’t work toward the main goal: increase conversions and have users schedule appointments. The testimonials are placed in their own separate page instead of selectively placing them throughout the website to increase social proof.

Clunky Design & Inconsistent Brand Colors

There is a bad use of white space, the design is cluttered, and these is no consistency in the use of type faces and font sizes. There are at least 4 more colors that don’t complement the brand color, so it’s not cohesive.

Screenshots of Zero Pain Clinic's old, generic website

The Design


Because she already had a logo she loved, we decided to keep the one she had and base her website on it — minimal, elegant, and straightforward. Using Zero Pain Clinic logo — and repurposing the concept of Circle = Zero — I added the circle as a decorative element to add personality and differentiate her from other chiropractors' websites.

I chose Playfair Display for the headings to keep an elegant yet modern serif font balanced with Open Sans as the body text to make it feel more approachable.

Stock Photography

Zero Pain Clinic's brand personality is honest, educational, caring, and personal, which I used to curate stock photography and throughout the project.

We wanted to make sure we used images that realistically represent Dr. Dorit's patients that come from diverse communities living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

12 photographs curated for Zero Pain Clinic, mostly diverse people that are smiling, images with a lot of blue and white to match Zero Pain Clinic's color palette


We identified 3 main page for Zero Pain Clinic's website, aside from the home page:

  • About — introduce the Zero Pain Clinic team and office
  • Services — show and describe all services to educate visitors before they arrive to the clinic
  • Scheduling — make is as easy as possible for visitors to book an appointment or contact their office
A set of screenshots of a chiropractic website decorated with circles to add dimension
Five mobile screenshots of Zero Pain Clinic's website
A laptop with Zero Pain Clinic's home page saying "Life a peaceful and pain-free life with chiropractic care"

The Results

The website redesign I created for Zero Pain Clinic got an Honorable Mention in Ran Segall’s Flux Academy Website Redesign November 2020 Challenge.

A man with short brown hair and a beard, smiling, wearing black glasses and a navy button down shirt

Nicole created a really good and very clean design for Zero Pain Clinic, focusing on the problems of the people who want to use this service by talking about the benefits and how their life would actually look like once you use their services. Her design is way cleaner and is optimized for mobile.

She made very good choices here that make things very clear, like the choice of color — a lot of white consistent with the solid color of the logo —, improving the typography by a lot, having a very clean all to action, showing success stories, and using photos of patients. I think this is very solid work and a great redesign.

Ran Segall
Full Stack Designer & Web Design Course Creator
Flux Academy

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